Week 4

Towers at Spruce Lock of the Century Challenge

NTMVW Takes:  Kansas City (-4.5) home versus New York Giants
Dazzle Takes:  San Diego (+2) home versus Dallas

Season Scoreboard:  Dazzle 1-1-1 NTMVW 0-3


Pick: 2 Bet Parlay – Seattle (-3) at Houston, Chicago (+3) at Detroit
Participants: Dazzle – Pays 2.5:1
Result:  Loss.

Pick: 5 Bet Parlay – Philadelphia (+11) at Denver, Philadelphia/Denver Over (59), Washington (-3.5) at Oakland, San Diego (+2) home versus Dallas, and New York Jets (+3.5) at Tennessee
Participants: Dazzle  – Pays 22.5:1
Result:   Loss.

Pick: 2 Bet Parlay – New England (+3) at Atlanta Over (49)
Participants: Dazzle  – Pays 2:1

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