Closed Wagers

NFL 2012 Week 1 Wager – NTMVW and Trombone – 2 Wagers
NTMVW: Bets $50 that the Seahawks will beat the Jets in the 2012 regular season.
Trombone: Bets $50 that the Jets will beat the Seahawks in the 2012 regular season.

NTMVW: Bets $100 on Seahawks -7 in the same game. 
:Bets $100 on Jets +7 in the same game.
Result:  Seahawks 28 Jets 7
NTMVW wins $150

2102 NFL Wager – Trombone and C-Lion
Trombone: Bets $50 that the Jets (-1) will cover against the Bills on September 9, 2012.
C-Lion: Bets $50 on that the Bills (+1) will cover in the same game.
Result:  Jets 48 Bills 28

No monies will be exchanged at the conclusion of this Week 1 bet as it is agreed upon by both parties that the winner will accept a bet from the loser of “double or nothing” on the second matchup between the Jets and Bills on December 30, 2012 with no point spread implications. Trombone will again pick the Jets, and C-Lion will again pick the Bills.

Result:  Bills 28 Jets 9
Based upon double or nothing victory, this wager results in a PUSH

JFFL Week 2 Wager – Softness and NTMVW
Softness and NTMVW:  Bet $50 that their respective JFFL teams, “Move the Needle” (Softness) and “That Asshole-This Carr” (NTMVW), will win in a head to head JFFL matchup this weekend, no point spread.
Result:  Move the Needle 135.07 That Asshole-This Carr 111.50
Softness wins $50

NTMVW and Softness place a wager wherein NTMVW bets $50 that Seattle wins the NFC West and Softness bets $50 that St. Louis will win the NFC West.  If neither team wins the NFC West this bet is a push.
This wager is settled.  Push.

NTMVW and Chrisjawn place a wager wherein NTMVW bets $25 that Seattle will win the NFC West and Chrisjawn bets $50 that the field will win the NFC West.
This wager is settled.  Chrisjawn Wins.

NTMVW and Trombone place a wager wherein NTMVW bets $75 that Seattle will win at least 10 games and Trombone bets $150 that they will not.
This wager is settled.  Trombone Wins.

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