Trade 1
Eric A. Gets: Peyton Hillis and Tommy’s Last Round Round Pick
Tommy Gets: Eric A’s 2nd Round Pick
Trade 2
NTMVW Gets: Jamaal Charles, Eric A’s 7th Round Pick
Eric A. Gets: NTMVW’s 2nd Round Pick
Trade 3
Softness Gets: Darren McFadden, French’s 5th and 11th Round Picks.
French Gets: Softness’s 3rd and 5th Round Picks.
Trade 4
Captain Gets: Hakeem Nicks, JPow’s 12th Round Pick
JPow Gets: Captain’s 5th Routh Pick
Trade 5
Murda Gets: Rashard Mendenhall, Tommy’s 10th Round Pick
Tommy Gets: Murda’s 3rd Round Pick
Trade 6
Kelly Gets: Michael Vick, Dazzle’s 6th and 8th Round picks
Dazzle Gets: Kelly’s 2nd and 3rd Round picks

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