Average Points For

Average Points Per Season/Average Points Per Game

Dazzle: 1,756.54 Per Season; 135.12 Per Game.
NTMVW: 1,678.24 Per Season; 129.10 Per Game.
JPOWW: 1,660.33 Per Season; 127.72 Per Game.
Softness: 1,623.11 Per Season; 124.85 Per Game.
Captain: 1,613.43 Per Season; 124.11 Per Game.
Trombone: 1,603.23 Per Season; 123.33 Per Game.
French: 1,579.57 Per Season; 121.51 Per Game.
Skillz: 1,571.99 Per Season; 120.92 Per Game.
C-Lion: 1,560.30 Per Season; 120.02 Per Game.
Silverfox: 1,427.21 Per Season; 109.79 Per Game.
Kelly: 1,414.04 Per Season; 108.77 Per Game.
A1: 1,385.33 Per Season; 106.56 Per Game.
Murda: 1,369.08 Per Season; 105.31 Per Game.

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