JFFL Offseason Trade #2

maxresdefaultA1 Gets: Adrian Peterson, Silverfox’s 10th Round Pick
Silverfox Gets: A1’s 4th Round Pick

No getting around it here, in having Adrian Peterson switch (get it?) teams A1 got a top player who is arguably the 1st overall pick in a redraft league for a really good price.  In exchange A1 only dropped 6 rounds from 4 to 10.  Therefore, his motives are obvious.  Silverfox’s require a little more thought.  For starters, this is an extremely shallow draft.  Only 3 players have been forced back into the draft pool from last season’s rosters.  One of them will likely be drafted by Silverfox 1st overall (Jamaal Charles), one will be drafted shortly thereafter in the early part of Round 1 (Demaryious Thomas), and the other is likely never going to play another snap in the NFL (Wes Welker).  Accordingly, the 4th round pick acquired by Silverfox should provide a useful, starting caliber and go a long way towards building depth.

An interesting game to play all season long will be to see if Silverfox would have been better off starting his season with 3 top 10 players in AP, likely keeper Odell Beckham Jr., and Charles versus whatever alternative is created by the keeper who will take AP’s place and the additional 4th Round pick he garnered from this trade.  Depth matters, at least that’s the motto Silverfox followed in making this move.

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