JFFL Offseason Trade #1

espn_pod_oct22_03JPOWW Gets:  Jordy Nelson*, Captain’s 7th Round Pick
Captain Gets: JPOWW’s 3rd Round Pick
*Captain agrees to void this trade if Jordy Nelson is severely injured before the keeper deadline

The first trade of the offseason is in and it’s mildly surprising.  JPOWW gave up a relatively high pick to get a player who, while firmly ranked inside the top 10 at his position, probably could have been had for a lesser pick in a buyers market.  Other “A” Keeper options we’re out there for JPOWW as well, and a better deal could have been had.  One has to assume that JPOWW specifically targeted this individual player independent of cost and, if so, then kudos to him for getting the guy he really wanted.  Perhaps what JPOWW really paid for here was the injury contingency.

One response to “JFFL Offseason Trade #1

  1. To clarify, the deal is voidable if either Nelson (to protect JPOWW) or Julio Jones (to protect me) are severely injured before the keeper deadline.


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