JFBL Offseason Trade #2

destroyed-eiffel-tower-172244Frenchy Gets:  Adrian Gonzalez, NTMVW’s 11th and 14th Round Picks
NTMVW Gets:  Frenchy’s 4th and 5th Round Picks

I’ll give Frenchy this, I’m not sure how a guy manages to get worked over in acquiring a player in a buyers market, but apparently anything is possible.  In Gonzalez Frenchy acquires a player placed right outside of the top 50 by most publications who has more name recognition than production at this point.  I’m not suggesting Gonzalez is a bad keeper, he isn’t.  A 4 or a 5 for Gonzalez would have been a fine deal, but both is a significant overpay.  Even in last year’s weaker draft useful (or better) players like Jose Abreu, Mike Napoli, Jayson Werth, Greg Holland, Koji Uehara, Yadier Molina, Kenley Jansen, Zach Wheeler, and Julio Tehran were all drafted. This year looks to be even better with a far deeper draft pool.

NTMVW, already boasting an impressive string of keepers, will be able to load up on productive talent and is now free to attack some of the second tier relief pitching typically taken in rounds 4-7 without fear or bypassing the remaining starting worthy offensive players on the board.  In return he gives up nothing more than a player he was not going to keep anyway, and two picks so late that they are essentially indistinguishable from last round picks.

So in a buyers market, the seller claims a victory here.

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