JFBL Offseason Trade #1 (of 1?)

2008-the-golden-fleece-80x100-oil-on-canvasA1 Gets:  Jordan Zimmerman, Silverfox’s 10th Round Pick
Silverfox Gets: A1’s 5th Round Pick

If the image of the golden fleece hasn’t given it away, the Dazzle thinks one manager (A1) took advantage of another (Silverfox) in this deal.  In Zimmerman A1 gets a solid keeper who probably has earned a top 50 overall fantasy ranking.  In return, he gave up very little to Silverfox by way of opportunity cost dropping a mere 5 rounds into the 10th.  With keepers factored in, Silverfox essentially picked up a 10th round pick while parting ways with a 15th.  Zimmerman, on the other hand, would have likely been a late 2nd or early 3rd round draft pick has he remained in the pool.  Also questionable, upon review of Silverfox’s roster, is who he intends to keep in place of Zimmerman.  We all know Silverfox loves to make moves, but perhaps he’s a little guilty of making them just for the sake of making them in this circumstance.  As for A1, well fleeced my friend.  When Silverfox sends you the inevitable, “I don’t think you fleeced me do you?” email, good luck keeping a straight face while responding.

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