JFFL Final Rosters 2013

JFFL Final Rosters 2014With the draft less than a month away (8/2) and the keeper deadline a week closer (7/26), I figured that it PROBABLY makes some sense to post last season’s final rosters.  Each year when I post these I’m always amazed at how shitty some of the guys on each team are.  The heart wants what the heart wants I guess, and if its Chris Ogbonnaya or Teddy Ginn Jr. then, for fuck sake, that’s what the heart gets.

A few important points here.  We haven’t done the draft lottery yet so any trades that are made at this stage would involve some element of risk if you or your trade partner is a lottery team.  The bottom half of the draft order is set:

7. C-Lion
8. Silverfox
9. Frenchy
10. Dazzle
11. Captain

That means that, from most likely to least likely, OMD, Skillz, NTMVW, Trombone, A1, and Softness will be vying for the remarkably valueless 1st overall pick in the lottery which will take place some time this week over a meal of food with the quorum.  I’ll post those results as soon as humanly imaginable.  You won’t even be able to fathom how quickly I’ll post it.  I swear I’ll fucking do it.

Ok, enough bullshit, here are the final rosters from 2013.  Trade away gentlemen (I’m putting the over/under on trades at 3 and taking the under):

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