JFFL 2012 Final Rosters

Enter Jerkfest

Enter Jerkfest

To the delight of Trombone, JFFL 2012 Final Rosters are now available along with a revamped and classier logo than the one I created last night.  You’ll all be happy to see that this year’s draft is light on talent and heavy on risk.  Two and a half big dogs re-enter the pool as presumptive top picks Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster join Post-Wes/Aaron/HealthyGronk Tom Brady at the top of the draft board.  Who will be the Jerk to bite the bullet on Ryan Mathews in round 1?  Hopefully not me, it genuinely just depends on how drunk I am when the draft starts.

Once again, the draft will be held on the evening of Friday August 9 at Jewm’s temple.  Keepers are due by August 2 at 5pm, please don’t make me hunt you down.  Also, in case you’re wondering, I just watched Ian Zering shoot a grouping of  giant sharks out of the sky with a small handgun in SHARKNADO!, which is significantly less entertaining than you’d imagine.  Tara Reid just exclaimed, “the tornado is heading towards the airport, we NEED to destroy it before it gets to them!”  Remember how hot she was in American Pie?  Life has not treated her well.  How do you destroytornado?  Isn’t that kind of the point, that such acts of god are indestructible?

I digress, I give to you, final rosters:

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