JFBL 2013 Draft Availability

Daily OrganizerAlright Jerks, you know the drill.  Please place an “X” in the column for any weekend where you cant attend a live draft.  Leave weekends where you are free blank.  Let’s get this filled out ASAP so we can figure out where and when this thing is happening.  The embedded copy below is simply a visual aide, you can visit the direct source by clicking here and you should be able to make edits from there. Please just confirm that your changes have been made before you move on with your life.

Update (1/14/13): If you are available for any of the weekends which would result in your spreadsheet row remaining blank, please note that in one of your spaces or in the comments section so I know that everyone has had a chance to view the chart and respond. Also, if Boston is an impossibility for you for any reason, please note your objection in the comments. Thanks.

4 responses to “JFBL 2013 Draft Availability

  1. Dazzle,
    I can’t edit your JFBL time sheet through the link provided. I don’t know if anyone else is having a problem, but just wanted you to know.

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