2009 Final Rosters and 2010 Draft Order

Gentleminions, the 2010 Jerk Fantasy Football Season is upon us and the draft is just a little under a month away. Here is the link for the 2009 Final Rosters. A keepers and previously kept players are noted on the sheet. As a reminder, and player previously kept as an A keeper maintains that designation. Additionally, and player drafted in the first two rounds of last years draft is designated as an A keeper as well. So in case you missed it:

JFFL 2009 Final Rosters

The draft order was determined by draft lottery for the top 6 picks by Softness and McGlazzle. The bottom 6 picks were determined by final order of finish in the regular season with the exception of the bottom two picks which are given to the champion from last year (12th pick) and the runner up (11th). The draft order is as follows:

1. Assholey
2. Softness
3. R.Kelly
4. JPoww
5. Chrisjawn
6. McGleeze
7. Dazzle
8. Cappy
9. French
11. Skillz
12. Murtog

As always, pre-draft trades must be completed 1 week prior to the draft and keepers must be submitted on that date as well (8/14). Once a trade is completed please email the terms to me and I will post it on this website accordingly.

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