I have aquired the full text of the NTMVW/French trade negotiations. I have posted the conversation in its entirety below. If either party to the trade would like to dispute the text of the conversation please comment on this post.

The conversation picks up after French and Nico have mutually assented to discuss a potential trade…

NTMVW: My uber-B is Calvin Johnson who has 2 years of eligibility. check the Rankings.
French: What the fuck is uber?
NTMVW: Best. He is the best B. I have the best B available. Your B’s are gross.
French: Tell the captain to punch you in the mouth for saying uber.
NTMVW: Will do.
French: What are you looking for?
NTMVW: A pick, obviously not your first rounder which I’m pretty sure you don’t want to deal.
French: I’ll give you my 4th for Johnson and your 6th
NTMVW: whoa. Theres been precedent already set. Steve Smith and 7 for a 3. That seems fair no? Considering Calvin is better.
French: Well thats debatable, but I’ll give you my 3rd. Plus my 3rd is better.
NTMVW: Sounds fair. AJ will post it sometime soon. It was a pleasure.
French: Don’t say uber anymore.

**UPDATE** French and Nico have agreed that Nico will send his 7th round pick to French along with Calvin Johnson for French’s 3rd round pick. Additionally, Nico and French will trade 12th round picks. Let us consider this matter closed.

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