JFFL 2007 Draft Order and Administrative Matters

We’re entering planning territory for next year in leiu of our new keeper feature. In this post I’ve laid out a proposed set of changes and standards for the upcoming season and for navigating rosters in the off-season. These rules are based upon conversations I’ve had with a number of people in the league as well as things established over the course of the season. Below are the key points of the reccomended framework for administrating the off-season:

-Each team will keep two players from their 2006 final roster which I have posted a link for on the sidebar to the right. Players are classified as either Class A or Class B. A Class A player is a player chosen in the first three rounds of the draft. A Class B player is a player who was drafted in round 4 or beyond. Each team may only keep one Class A player, but can keep two Class B players if desired.

-Keepers do not need to be designated until a week prior to the draft (which will presumably be held towards the end of the preseason). As a result, full rosters will be held intact until that time. Players still on a managers roster prior to keeper designation may be traded for draft picks or other rostered players. For instance, a person with two strong Class A keepers may choose to trade one of them to a team with no strong Class A keepers in exchange for a draft pick or in exchange for a strong Class B keeper.

-Trading will occur in the same way that it did during the regular season, with the league only vetoing a trade in the case of extreme inequity.

-This website will keep a running talley of all transactions.

Administrative matters having to do with the offseason aside, a number of managers have proposed a few changes to scoring for next year, most notably, reigning in the defenses so that they don’t consistently dominate scoring. I will figure out some way to do this and present it on this website in the near future. Also, we should probably consider jacking up the buy-in for next year, but we can cross that bridge when we get to it.

Thats about all I have, feel free to comment using the comment feature directly below this post. The draft order is posted below.

2007 Draft Order:

1. Murd
2. Kelly
3. Steve
4. Nico
5. Christian
6. JPow
7. Tommy
8. Andy
9. Dazzle
10. Assholey
11. Jimmy
12. Cappy

2 responses to “JFFL 2007 Draft Order and Administrative Matters

  1. Well played on putting up the website… when are we going to discuss our keeper rules going forward, like how players are classified (Class A or B) in the future and how many years we can keep an individual?

  2. It’s Jim… if anyone is interested in Willie Parker (a Class A keeper) in exchange for a Class B keeper and a mid round draft pick let me know via e-mail.

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